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Programs / Activities - are on hold as per Return to School Guidelines


We hope to instill in all of our students a sense of fun and a life-long love of sports, fitness and fair play. This is supported in our Physical Education Program, intra-murals and our interschool athletics.

Many interschool sports activities are offered throughout the year at Senator Gibson. Students are encouraged to become an active participant! Inter-school sports allow selected students to represent Senator Gibson across the region.

School Teams:

Junior (grades 4-6) and Intermediate (grades 7-8) students are invited to try out for our school teams:
-Soccer (boys & girls teams)
-Cross Country (grades 4-8)
-Volleyball (boys & girls teams)
-Basketball (boys & girls teams)
-Track & Field (grades 4-8)
-Three-Pitch (Co-ed teams)

Picking Teams:
While staff would want to keep as many players as possible, only a certain number are manageable. Therefore, when making selections for team members, students must demonstrate:
- superior or excellent skill, or a demonstration that with some coaching will develop these skills quickly;
- that they are ‘coachable’ and where applicable, good team players;
- the Senator Gibson Code of Conduct expectations consistently (while trying out and/or on the team);
- the ideals and expectations of Fair Play as outlined in the D.S.B.N. Interschool Athletics Resource Manual.
Note: Some exceptions may apply when selecting teams. These will be determined by the coach(es).

Playing Time:
Junior Teams:
Junior sports throughout the D.S.B.N. employ an ‘equal-play’ policy in which all students will get approximately the same amount of playing time for each game. This enables students to receive the necessary amount of playing time to develop basic skills.
Intermediate Teams:
Intermediate sports are more elite and competitive in nature and do not have an ‘equal-play’ policy. Therefore, students will likely receive inequitable playing time. Coaches will still help develop all players’ abilities and help students understand their role in the larger team picture. Also note that games and tournaments are structured as closely as possible to high-school standards.

ME to WE Club

This group of leaders will work together to inspire change around our school, our community, our country and our world. This group is open to students in grades 4-8, and has weekly meetings. The Me to We club of Senator Gibson believes that everyone has the right to be free, to be treated with respect and fairness, to have a good education, to stand up for what they believe in, to have the necessities of life.


Divisions have numerous intramural activities, such as checkers, chess, soccer etc., held over lunch time throughout the year.

Gardening Club

We have a dedicated group of students who work together to ensure our front garden and the quiet area graden are kept up seasonally.

Robotics Club

Junior and intermdeiate students,can join this club to learn how to maipulate and program our very own robots.