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Due to unexpected growth in the Ontario Street area, the School Board decided that a new school should be built on land acquired on John Street. A new building was constructed in the year 1963 which consisted of six classrooms and was simply known as the “John Street School”, as no name had been given to it.

The completion date for the school was delayed and so the students were given room at Jacob Beam School. The building was finally completed on November 18, 1963 and was now open for students from grades one through five. The supervising principal was Elmer Fulerton who also shared the duties with Jacob Beam School. Donald Miller was the school’s first principal. Subsequent principals were Wayne MacMillan, Barbara Bradbury, Glen Hutchinson, Ian Wood, John Janzen, Stewart Greavette, Lynda Gorham, John Dickson, Robb McLean, and Andrea Grieve. The current administrators are Pam Spero and Jennfer Hemauer.

The official opening was held on November 22, 1963. The staff consisted of Joyce Schneider, Lois Filce, Carolyn Vilim and Iva Woods.

The school was now known as Senator Gibson School. It was named after William Gibson who was born in Peterhead, Scotland. Mr. Gibson came to Canada at the age of twelve to help his uncle with a limestone quarry. William Gibson became one the of the most influential people in Beamsville and was awarded the Lincoln Riding in 1891. Mr. Gibson held this seat for ten years and was later appointed to the Canadian Senate by Lord Minto. His former residence is now the dormitory for Great Lakes Christian College.

Once again, due to the expanding population, Senator Gibson School came under construction in 1967. Another four classrooms were added, one of which was occupied by Senator Gibson School’s first Kindergarten class.

A number of years later, it was again decided that the school would undergo further construction, as the population was expanding at a fast rate. Seven classrooms were temporarily housed in Beamsville District Secondary School. The construction began in October 1997 and was completed sufficiently by June 1998 to allow the students to be moved into the new east wing. The older central section was revamped and all students from both campuses (Beamsville Secondary and Senator Gibson) were finally reunited in September of 1998.

The school now houses twenty-four teaching areas with grades ranging from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. There are offices, Learning Resource rooms, a computer lab, a beautiful Learning Commons area, change rooms and a large double gym with equipment storage areas and stage area.